Elite RV Inspections In Florida


Elite RV Inspections In Florida


  • Eva

    Quick responses to any questions. Bill went out of his way to keep me posted. If I ever need another inspection done in the area I will definitely call him. He ended up helping make sure I didn't buy a suspect toy hauler

  • Caryl

    We are first time RV owners and we are purchasing a coach out of state, so we wanted to have a reputable inspector take a look at our unit before we flew out to close the deal. Bill was very prompt, courteous and professional. He completed the inspection as requested. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and Bill called me the same day the inspection was done and gave me his summary over the phone. Got the report the next morning. I would recommend this service, it gave us peace of mind that we are making a good purchase and are getting a quality motor home.
  • Adrienne Howanitz

    Our BEST DECISION EVER was to hire Bill to inspect the RV that we recently purchased. His thorough inspection revealed a couple major issues that we would never have noticed until it was too late & the damage was done. Based on the excellent report he provided, the dealer agreed to fix the major issues & even came down on the price! Our previous RV, unbeknown to us, had water damage & termites. Had we hired Bill before we bought it, we would have saved so much money & lots of aggravation. Live & learn...if considering the purchase of an RV, an inspection is a MUST and Bill is the BEST.
  • Andree K

    I appreciate the time & engergy you put into this inspection. After reviewing the report I decided not to purchase the RV. You saved me a lot of money I didn't have to spend. I look forward to working with you in the future. 



Helping You Avoid A Costly Mistake

Monday, 19-Aug-2019 by Bill

Helping You Avoid A Costly Mistake

Did you know 60% of the RVs on the market today are sold by private owners? Many RV buyers don’t know what to inspect when purchasing an RV and end up with costly repairs after the purchase. Savvy RV Buyers know the best way to save money and have peace of mind when considering the p...